Google Apps for Education is a suite of online collaborative tools that are free for educational institutions and non-profits.

The tools include Gmail, Docs and Spreadsheets, Video, and Sites. In addition to these core apps, there are thousands of web-based, third party applications that integrate with Google Apps to extend and enhance the functionality of the suite.

Students and teachers can leverage Google Apps to create, share and learn with their school, their district and the world. Because Apps runs on the unparalleled Google infrastructure, schools can focus on educational mission and leave the burden of maintaining a collaborative platform to talented Google engineers working around the clock, every day, to deliver reliability, security and innovation.

LogicWing has Google Apps for Education Certified Trainers that can help with the planning, deployment and maintenance of your Apps domain.

We can train your students, teachers and staff onsite or remotely, via webinar. From a half day introductory training to a multi-day Google Apps integration course with co-teaching and a custom resource website, our trainers can adapt to the specific needs and goals of your school.

Contact us to discuss your unique Google Apps training requirements.