Google Apps is a suite of online collaborative tools that change the paradigm for productivity and collaboration at work. The ability for employees to collaborate, communicate and create, anywhere at anytime, without a massive investment in infrastructure creates a competitive advantage for businesses with limited technical resources (read as "most small businesses").

LogicWing experts will help you decide if Google Apps is right for your business (we're going to go out on a limb and say "Yes!") and then we'll create deployment, pilot and training plans to ensure your success. And we don't just "talk the talk", we've used Google Apps for over 6 years to grow our own business!

Contact us today to get started with the power, flexibility and scalability of Google's enterprise-ready suite of tools for the new way to go to work.

The core Google Apps for Business:

 Gmail is email with massive storage capacity, amazing search capability and unified messaging with text, voice and video chat.

 Google Calendar makes it simple and easy to keep track of busy schedules and resources.



Google Docs is collaborative document creation with revision history, cloud storage and easy sharing with colleagues, partners and clients.

 Google Sites allows employees who have no knowledge of programming to quickly create dynamic websites for intranets and public access.

 Google Groups is a corporate hub for discussion and teamwork.

 Google Video is your company's private video archive for news, training, and more.

 Postini for Google Apps is a security, compliance and archiving solution for company email.

In addition to these core apps, there are hundreds of web-based, third party applications that integrate with Google Apps to extend and enhance the functionality of the suite on the Google Apps Marketplace.